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It’s been a little while –

December 28, 2010

(A couple of pictures I’ve taken since the last time I blogged here.)

First of all, merry Christmas! I know it’s been a couple of days since, but still.

Anyway, I think I’ll try to get around to using this blog. I can only hope that it’ll help me with my writing and confidence in taking and displaying pictures, as well as, for the lack of a better term, exposing myself to the “real world”. HAHA.

Right now, I’m in Ilocos with my family, and it’s nothing short of wonderful here. I’m happy to report that I’ve taken a lot of pictures here, both with my Fisheye 2 and DSLR, and will post them in batches once I get back home tomorrow. Or the next day. It depends on when I have enough time and energy, since it’s a 12 hour drive from here to Manila, and when I get my pictures developed (WHICH I’M SO STOKED ABOUT).

To whoever reads this, I hope you enjoy the two posts I have up, haha.

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