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It’s a Fiesta!

February 27, 2011

Here are some pictures from last Saturday.

Things I am currently enjoying:
+ Ann He’s amazing fashion photography. I can’t believe she’s just at least a year older than I am and already so freakishly talented. When I first saw her photos, I thought they were taken by a pro (Not that she isn’t, but you get what I mean.)!
+  Hanson’s new music video for their latest single, “Give a Little.” If this song does not make you want to do a little happy dance (or at least bob your head and grin from ear to ear while watching the video), then something is obviously wrong with you. No joke.
+ The Day Zero Project. The site has been down for a while, so image how happy I was to see that it was back online! I have my own account with my own list (it’s a private one, though), and I strongly recommend you make one of your own. It helps you keep track of the things you love, as well as your dreams and aspirations.
+ My cousin’s wedding, and how I got to curl my hair.
+ The fact that after three more weeks, I’m officially going to be free.

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