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Photographic Equivalent

February 20, 2011

At the Student Council office, fixing the giveaways for Admin Staff day, which was celebrated yesterday. It was so much fun! Pictures to come soon.

Butter coconut crackers. Really cheap, and really good!

This is my friend Stef’s special envelope. She gave it to someone a few days ago, and she wanted me to take a picture of it so she’ll remember it. I personally love this envelope.

Last Thursday, my math teacher missed the first half hour of our class. Us students just relaxed in the classroom – we listened to Maroon 5, named the baby we’re adopting (yes, we’re adopting one for this program organized by my school; it’s really neat), and took pictures. Good times, good times.

At the moment, I’m listening to classical music and trying to catch up on my biology studies, since I didn’t do well in the last few quizzes. I’m trying to get all this kingdom Monera stuff into my head, but so far, I’ve had to luck. Oh well.

By the way, I’m loving these black and white photos by Brian Ferry. I like how he described it as “the photographic equivalent of doodling in a sketchbook.” Drawing, let alone doodling, is something I don’t think I’ll ever master (my friends can back me up on this), so the way he talked about those pictures really inspired be to try it out sooner or later. You should, too.


Sitio Remedios Article

February 15, 2011

Yay, I published my first article and! Click through the image to see it.

Wish Upon a New Star Every Night

February 12, 2011

Last January 28, the student council of my school premiered the movie “Tangled”. It was such a success! We sold out tickets (again, I’m sorry to those who weren’t able to get any), and the movie itself was really good. It’s such a shame that Rapunzel is going to be the last Disney princess for a while. But either way, I’m looking forward to the other films Disney will be releasing in the future (they’re my secret obsession, hehe).

During class, my friend Alex did this to her nails. She just used Elmer’s glue and glitter. Don’t you think it looks so legit?

For some odd reason, I’ve always wanted to take a picture of the curtains in my classroom. I don’t know why, but whatever, I finally (FINALLY) did.

I just took this picture today. Good morning, world, I hope you have a fantastic, stress-free weekend.

I Won’t Miss You When You’re Gone

February 7, 2011

I did this one day for the fun of it. Here’s the corresponding video.

I went to ushed at the Junior’s prom last Saturday, and it was too amazing for my life! A gigantic part of me wanted to take pictures, but I knew that bringing my camera would have just been strange and very stalker-ish. And it’s not like I knew a lot of people there, right? Oh well. Now I’m excited (and incredibly nervous) for my prom next year!

Tea & Glitter

February 2, 2011

Since it’s already February, I decided to make a list of 10 things to accomplish before the month ends:

+ Be the bookworm you used to be. I used to be able to read an insane amount of books in a month (well… it was insane compared to a lot of teenagers today). But, because of school and extracurriculars, I have, unfortunately, run out of time. What a sorry excuse to stop reading, yeah?

+  Attempt to get a tan from running. I like running, but I hate how my legs are as pale as they are. Maybe it isn’t pale to some, but to me, it’s preeeeeeeeetty white! And, for some reason, I feel that having a natural tan gives someone a healthy glow (…are you catching my drift?). Maybe it’s because I immediately assume that they’re out under the sun a lot.

+ Do things that’ll make colleges scream “YES!” In other words, excel not only in school, but in my extracurriculars and personal projects as well. Like this blog, for example (please don’t judge me).

+ Love the skin you’re in. I think we all know what this implies… Yes, I have acne and skin allergies. Not too big of a deal on my behalf, but it’s the kind of thing that irritates me even though it shouldn’t matter as much as, say, my bad habit of sleeping late even though I have all the time in the world to sleep early. Basically, I just want to care for my skin more (and stop scratching oh my goodness).

+ Finish learning “So Close” on the piano. Long story short, it’s a seven-page long piece which I began learning before Christmas break started. More than a month and a half has passed and I still have half the song to go.

+ Eat more fruits and veggies, and less junk and rice. I’m a high school sophomore. I do not like my curves. This time next year will be prom season. Do you understand?

+ Spend less time on the computer and more with your camera. One thing I seriously want to do is pursue a career of some sorts with photography (hint hint: this is a photoblog, after all). If I don’t get out in the field and practice, where in the world am I going to end up? Plus, being on the computer while the sun’s still out makes me feel like I have no life, and that just sucks.

+ Join Lomography Rumbles. Lomography Rumbles are various online competitions hosted by (sometimes partnered up with other organizations or companies) in where a theme is given, and Lomo photos that comply with that theme are to be submitted for Piggy Points, which give you a discount in the Lomography store. This item is connected to the one above.

+ Cook and bake! It’s fun! Plus, it’ll come in handy, like, two or so years from now when I’m on my own in college.

+ Make the shoe project a success! As I mentioned earlier, I’m in the student council of my school. We’re going to be collaborating on a project with the Social Action Office, and I’m really into the cause. I pray that it goes well!

And there you have it! This is what I wish to accomplish the February. What do you want to do this month?

Fantastic Four

January 29, 2011

Top, left-right: Me, Sam; Bottom, left-right: Beli, Roxanne

Meet my siblings. We all love The Beatles.

Nerf Wars

January 24, 2011

This is my father. I think he’s one of the coolest people in the world because he’s the one that asks for Nerf Wars. My siblings and I love the game, to what the hack, why not, right? Plus, he’s wearing an antique helmet! How awesome is that?!

I’d say that my little brother’s like, a certified Nerf expert.

Roxanne, my six year old sister, is so pretty. I can’t wait until she turns twelve or thirteen and I can use her as a model (wow, I’ll be in my 20s by then)!

Long story short, my family either just completely chills out on the weekends, all we go all hardcore and celebrate what we’ve been given to live with. This so beats homework.